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The Elegance Advisor
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The Elegance Advisor
The Elegance Advisor
The Elegance Advisor
The Elegance Advisor
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Our Programs

The Elegance Advisor

Understanding Emotional Intelligence in a Professional Setting:


The Elegance Advisor

Emphasizing Empathy in Leadership and Professionalism:


The Elegance Advisor

The Nexus of Effective Communication, EI, and Empathy:


The Elegance Advisor

Advancing Organizational Reputation with Professionalism:


Leaders' concerns that the workshop will address:

Alent Attraction and retention
Ethical Leadership
Self-awareness Deficiency
Communication Breakdown
Conflict Resolution
Authentic Leadership
Team Dynamics & Morale
Boosting Employee Engagement
Navigating Cultural Diversity
Ethical Leadership

About the Workshop:

I specialize in coaching that melds emotional intelligence with etiquette, ensuring holistic professional growth. This workshop will delve into core areas of emotional intelligence like self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills, combined with etiquette principles that shape professionalism.

Workshop Methodologies:

Interactive Presentations:

Real-world examples, multimedia integrations, and case studies illustrating EI, empathy, communication, and professionalism.

Group Discussions:

A platform for participants to share experiences and obstacles, encouraging peer-driven learning.

Role-playing Exercises:

Simulated situations to practice the four pillars: EI, empathy, communication, and professionalism.

Feedback & Reflection:

Self-assessment sessions, goal setting, and action plan formulation.

Small Group Activities:

In-depth focus groups on specific skill sets or challenges.

Take-home Resources:

Worksheets, literature, and tools for sustained post-workshop learning.

What sets me apart?

The Elegance Advisor
Comprehensive & Personalized

No other coach can match my unique experience & qualifications. My educational background, professional experience, and expertise means I am specially qualified to ensure the highest quality coaching experience.

The Elegance Advisor
Proven Track Record

Recognized and applauded globally, hundreds of professionals and businesses have benefited from my workshops, coaching, social media presence, and motivational speeches.

The Elegance Advisor
Practical Strategies

I offer personalized programs to address your goals and challenges. Practically focused and results-oriented, these tools can be immediately applied to real-life professional situations, ensuring tangible results.

The Elegance Advisor
Global Experience

I bring a multicultural understanding that will broaden your horizons and equip you with the essential skills to thrive in today’s interconnected world.

The Elegance Advisor
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I am confident that

I can inspire and motivate you and your team to value and embrace personal and professional development through soft skills training.

Awards & Recognition

MumzWorld Expert on Etiquette

The International Award of Inspirational Leadership, TLGSEF 

The Award of Global Business Excellence in Social Impact, The GUIDE Expo 2020 Dubai Speaker at the Women’s Pavilion, USA Pavilion, and Philippines Pavilion 

UN Women Mentor

Crea Global Award, 2022

Most Inspiring UAE Women Entrepreneurs of 2023, The Gulf Entrepreneur 

Al Saihati Award for Intercultural Awareness, 2023, AIMS Conference & Awards, London UK 

Solutions I Offer

For Individuas & Corporations

Personal Advising

Work with me as a mentor to pinpoint areas of opportunity with tailored guidance for personal and professional success.

Workshops & Trainings

Partner with me to empower your team to meet the demands of today's competitive marketplace.

Keynote Speeches

Inspire and captivate your audience to value and invest in soft skills development through motivating presentations.


Taylor is great at crafting the perfect professional image! Her expertise is packed with insightful information and meticulous attention to detail. You simply can't go wrong with her guidance!


I can't thank you enough for helping me develop an awareness of my emotional triggers and need to respond too fast. I really needed to hear that it was ok to wait to respond.
Thank you also for sharing all those useful videos! Keep up the good work; You have been so helpful!
Community Member


“Your reputation lies in the hands of those with whom you interact. This reputation is of the utmost value & is your currency in business. Invest in it.”

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