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Elegance is not a dispensable luxury but a factor that decides between success and failure.

My unique and tailored approach to curating an elegant personal brand is entirely customizable. You can work on your own through my online courses or work together through Personal Elegance Advising. Partnering together, you will feel empowered and discover the layers and depth of curating an elegant personal brand.

Personal Elegance Advising will guide you through curating your personal brand. I have provided more information to guide and empower you on your elegance journey.

Taylor Elizabeth

Award Winning Ettiquette Expert

Licensed & Certified Life & Emotional Intellegance Coach

Cross-Cultural Communications Expert

MBA & Masters Degree in International Affairs

Etiquette & Protocol Diploma

Stylist & Personal Branding Advisor

13+ years

Years in International Public Relations

13+ years

International Public Relations

Taylor Elizabeth

Hello! My name is Taylor Elizabeth, and I am the Elegance Advisor. I am an award-winning certified etiquette and image advisor and the founder and director of the Elegance Advisor Consultancy. My passion for education, etiquette and effective communications has met my purpose of empowering others on their journeys towards being the best versions of themselves through my Dubai-based consultancy and my worldwide dynamic online community.

My journey in elegance started as a young child when I learned what important guidance etiquette offered and how vital kindness, consideration, and respect where in developing a healthy and productive mindset from which one could build a successful life. This truth was further developed and ingrained in me through my formal education and experience in the field of Public Relations, working in 22 different countries on five continents.

I was living and working abroad, and it opened my mind. I was presented with an abundance of learning and growth opportunities through my cross-cultural relationships, personally and professionally. Through this experience, I realized how important my education in etiquette was to my success as a woman in an international business position.

This journey has led me to how I decided to become a certified Etiquette & Image Advisor and a Life coach. I genuinely desire to guide and empower my clients to be personally and professionally the best, most refined version of themselves.

Why Personal Branding?

Branding is often thought of as something only for businesses and companies; however, in today's age, identifying and developing your personal brand is an invaluable self-promotion and marketing tool to promote who you are and what people can expect when they interact with you.

Who will benefit from personal branding, image & etiquette advising?

In short, personal branding is for anyone interested in empowering themselves to make a positive first impression and develop their poise & presence during various social interactions, interviews, professional events, or public speaking engagements.

Taylor Elizabeth

Why Etiquette?

Etiquette is about more than table manners and saying please and thank you; etiquette is a clear lens to view and understand how to best behave and thrive in all of life's situations, especially when developing your personal brand.

Etiquette is a helpful tool to help build self-confidence, self-awareness, and social skills because it provides guidelines on how to handle a variety of social situations.

My practical approach to etiquette is about learning how to carry yourself in both stature and conversation, in-person and online, with friends, family, classmates, and coworkers, so you start building a strong and impactful personal brand.

I work with my clients to pinpoint areas where they need to be more polished so they are empowered to effectively and elegantly manage any situation with confidence and grace.

I look forward to working with you on your personal Elegance Evolution plan so you can build your skills and confidence to be the best version of yourself!

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