Elegance never went out of style!

Through The Elegance Advisor’s unique approach, attendees of this masterclass will discover how to use the principles of personal branding and etiquette to set themselves up for successful and positive futures. Taylor will guide attendees through developing their soft skills and leveraging them for personal and professional growth which will be helpful for developing leaders of the future. 

Why do soft skills matter?

LinkedIn has reported that soft skills are highly desirable skills and a Harvard Business Review published study by Zenger Folkman states that these same soft skills are Key Leadership Capabilities that are not only necessary for one’s professional success, but they are capabilities that can be learned and mastered. 

Developing the skills of the future-  is a youth seminar designed to empower and motivate children ages from 12+ to 

  • developing a successful and intentional personal brand that translates personally and professionally
  • understand how their image affects their personal brand and in turn, embrace an intentional style that represents them positively in person and online
  • learn how to develop presence & poise with positive posture and facial expressions
  • feel empowered and confident to use soft skills to navigate unfamiliar situations with grace & poise
  • develop effective, assertive, and positive communication styles personally and professionally

In attending this course, you will discover :

  • How to curate an intentional personal brand and why it is so important
  • How to dress and carry yourself with confidence
  • How to communicate in a constructive, collected, assertive & effective manner
  • How to hold yourself with poise in presentations and interviews to be successful in school and your first education or internship interviews
  • How to engage and build relationships through utilizing proper social etiquette

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