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Motivate & Empower your Audience

Inspire, empower, and motivate your staff or audience on their personal and professional development through developing their image, first impression, poise, communications, cultural awareness, and so much more.

As an award-winning certified etiquette and image advisor, my passion for education, etiquette, and effective communications has met my purpose of empowering others on their journeys towards being the best versions of themselves. I look forward to working with you to develop a program that will speak to your audience to influence the positive development you are seeking.

Inspire Elegance


My keynote speeches inspire audiences to be more aware, intentional and effective in their image, behavior and communications by offering them an empowering growth mindset coupled with practical, applicable and valuable life skills that can relate to and immediately apply.  

My suggested keynote speech topics are:

  • Mastering the Strength in Your Femininity
  • THE WAY to Make a Good First Impression….Last
  • Effectively Communicate Everything to Everyone
  • Lead in Positivity
  • Personal Development for Professional Success
  • Soft Skills Hard Results
  • 3 Mistakes Managers Make and How to Fix Them
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Client Engagement

Inspire and empower your audience to be the best versions of themselves through my unique personal and professional development approach. I have spoken to (or engaged) leading international corporations, suite executives, corporations, entrepreneurs,  graduating classes, business networking groups and school-age children about the benefit of branding themselves as positive, engaging and elegant individuals.

I also offer workshops and training resources for corporations and educational facilities.

Personal Branding is a wonderful lens to enrich and develop your staff or students. I have worked with companies and schools to develop personalized, in-depth training programs and workshops with comprehensive and motivating workbooks to enhance professionalism, public speaking skills, customer experience, dress code adherence, and much more.

Taylor Elizabeth
To inquire about developing a bespoke program for your company or group, please schedule a consultation.
Suggested Corporate Workshop Options

I have curated several workshop concepts that are further developed to your specific needs. If you would like a Bespoke Workshop, please schedule a consultation with me today!

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