Empowering yourself through your image

Welcome to the first section of Curating an Elegant Personal Brand – Understanding your Image.

The first impression begins from the first time someone sees you. You have 7 seconds to make an excellent first impression. So naturally, it all starts with how we look and carry ourselves.

The first step of this personal branding journey is to empower your image and carry yourself with confidence to support your personal brand.

I believe you are beautiful and worthy to be anything you want.

I am not asking you to start walking and talking like a specific person or dressing in a particular way.

Instead, I advocate that you dress with intention and find a style that empowers you, considering the importance of understanding time and place, to dress in a way that makes you feel confident, and support that confidence with your body language.

(Which we will get to in the next lesson.)


Every BODY is elegant.

Meaning there is no one particular size or shape of a body that is more elegant than another.

Empowering the way you dress is all about balance.

Art is pleasing to the eye when it is balanced.

You, too, can balance your image and feel confident in what you are wearing.


If you are following along in your workbook, pages and 9&10 will support and guide you toward empowering your image & style, so you feel balanced and confident about keeping your personal brand.





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